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I expect everyone in the Atlantis fandom has read [ profile] auburnnothenna's Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by now (Legion for short). If you haven't, I encourage you to do so: it's a tour de force of storytelling. Although I should warn you: it's not a happy story.

There are a lot of things to talk about in this story: plot, characterization, style, and so forth. I'm going to skip those and focus on the story structure: in particular, the order in which the plot unwinds, and what effect that has on the reader's experience of this particular story.

The rest of this essay will be full of spoilers for the story: consider yourself warned. )
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A Beautiful Lifetime Event by [ profile] astolat. Nearly 30,000 words of John, Rodney, and their kid. Eventually, they have sex.

the discussion portion )
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I think, after reading some of the discussion about this comm around lj, that it would be a good idea for me to clarify some things about what this comm is and isn't, and why we're doing some of the things we're doing the way we're doing them. I've enjoyed seeing the discussions a lot, and have taken part in one, answering questions and (I hope) assuaging some fears, but I think it would be more effective for me to share some of those things here, where everyone can see them. Feel free to comment in response, but realize that I've put a lot of thought into this, discussed it with friends, read many discussions and considered my own experiences on other discussion lists and still feel the way I feel about it. If all you have to say is, "You shouldn't do this" or "This isn't nice", then save it. Any other sort of considered, reasoned comment about this comm in particular and discussion comms/public discussion of fanfic in general is welcome. Answers to issues I've seen brought up in discussion )

Please know, too, that the author of the review I just posted is fully on board with having her story discussed--she wants that and hopes people will have things to say about it. I know this because she offered it to me for review, early on, as a discussion opener, and she told me she'd be very interested in what people might say about it. If you're feeling any trepidation about commenting on reviews presented here for discussion, know that the author wants you to. I have no problem with anyone preferring to ask writers for permission before they post a story and letting the comm know in the post that they've done so, or with people informing a writer that they intend to post/have posted a review of their story here. I'm not saying any of those things shouldn't be done if the poster chooses to, I'm saying that I won't require that they be done, or ban any story from discussion where this hasn't been done. Everyone here should do what makes them comfortable. In the case of Taf's story, I wouldn't want to see the current controversy over author permission/notification inhibiting the discussion she'd like to see.
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Story link on Wraithbait: The Silent Art of Watching

Is it het? Slash? A twosome, or a threesome? Non-con or not? This story fascinates me, not only because it's a story with a rare, dark twist in the relationship between John and Rodney, but also because it's a difficult one to categorize.

My thoughts )

Disclaimer: I was a beta on this story, but what I learned about the author's intent and processes while working with her on it isn't a part of my review. I'm divorcing what I know from what I feel and think about this story as it stands, I promise. Please, if you review a story you've betaed, remember to do the same. No insider trading reviews. *g*
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When in Haldoria

Speranza's summary: (for the SGA_Flashfic "Slavefic Challenge")"Hey--Elton John wants his planet back!"

Slash, explicit, McKay/Sheppard. I loved it, and here's why.

I think this fic, as I read it, has an interesting reflection to cast on more  )

BTW, since this was originally in my LJ, which includes a lot of non-S:GA fans, it makes some allowances for readers who are unfamiliar with the fandom.
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Thank you, Moonmoth, for that great opening post, and thank you to everyone who is participating (keep participating!) in the discussion of Hindsight. It's been a fascinating first discussion with a lot of interesting and opposing views being discussed civilly and intelligently. Only a few bumps in the road, so far, which I'll go over again, here.

* Discussion in this comm is to stay focused on the stories, not the authors, posters or commenters. People's motives in saying and doing what they say and do are not open to speculation or comment; debate the ideas presented and not what you assume are the thoughts behind them. Authors, in particular, are not open for dissection on the board. You may have insight into their thought processes, but this isn't the place to share it because authors are not invited to refute or add to anything said about them, here. Focus on the story itself, as presented, and your reactions to it, when answering the post and other commenters' points.

* The purpose of the comm is to discuss, debate and even argue points about stories we've read. If we were all to agree to disagree and go home to sit quietly with our own thoughts, there would be no comm. That's no fun. *g* We won't come to any conclusions here, will not agree to disagree or accept that everything ever written is perfectly valid and right and has its own place in the universe and its own following. Of course it is, and does, but that's not what we're interested in, here. We're about stating opinions and supporting them, arguing positions, and sharing our thoughts. No generalizations about what we should all bear in mind or accept about stories, please. The fact that we don't accept everything about stories is why we're here.

* All posts to this comm must be self-contained; no linking to previous posts made outside this comm, please. Conversation begun here must stay here. Previously written essays and reviews are very welcome, here, but must be reproduced within the post for response within the comm.

As I said, you guys have done very well, and I'm really pleased with the response to Moonmoth's post. If I swoop in with my Admin icon and correct anyone in the course of discussion, it's only in service to maintaining open, civil discussion in the way I think is best; I'm not out to poop on anyone's head. There will be errors made early on, obviously, as everyone gets used to the rules, and in future as new people join, that's expected, but I will police pretty thoroughly to make sure that rules are followed and things stay orderly. Thanks for understanding.

And, excuse the caps, but this is very important and I don't want it missed: READ THE GUIDELINES THOROUGHLY when you join, all of them. There's info there that's vital to your not getting corrected or even removed from the comm. I really do intend to be fairly strict, so please read them. Also, I'll add people as soon as I've noticed they've joined, but feel free to email me and let me know if you've been waiting. I'm currently working nights and sleeping days, so it may take me a few hours to get to you, or to make an admin correction in a post or comment, if needed. I promise not to sleep any more than absolutely necessary. *g*

Thanks, everyone, and have fun!
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I think this community is a terrific idea, but I haven't seen anything come out of it so far so I thought I'd give it a go. Please bear in mind that I haven't written this kind of analysis in many years, and I was never much good at it then. So, on that confident note...

Link: Hindsight, by Rageprufrock
Summary: discussion of the characterisations in the above story
Read more... )
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John/Rodney, R, Humor: This is a short, kind of silly humor piece with a little angst, a little porn, written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic community. I enjoyed it, with some reservations.

On to my thoughts )

(This is a an example of how one would format and might open discussion of a story. The poster can review the story, like I did, or can use the story as a jumping-off point for a deeper discussion of some particular element(s)--say, characterization, in this instance. Please always cut-tag the actual discussions, and link to the page where the author's info and warnings are listed, or include that info in your summary. If you don't need it for that purpose, the summary is optional.

This is, obviously, my own story, used for demonstration purposes only. Please don't review your own stories or submit your own stories for review/discussion. You needn't discuss this one; it's an example. You can ask questions here about posting things, if you like.)
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Welcome to The Cutting Board! This community was created to encourage public discussion of stories written in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom. The point, here, is to share reactions, views and preferences--what we like in the stories we read and what we don't, and why. Don't let the name worry you; we're here to dissect and examine stories, not authors. Please read, remember and follow the guidelines below in order to keep your posting status.

- This comm is for and about fic readers and their reactions to stories. Any story posted or archived publicly may be discussed here; stories posted to private lists or flocked ljs, only, may not. The purpose of this community is to promote story discussion, which is interesting in and of itself. It can also be informative, but writers in general and the authors of specific stories discussed are not the focus, here. Story discussion has been happening for as long as stories have been told, and it isn't about being mean, suppressing or censoring writers or offering unsolicited beta. Anyone can have an opinion about what does or doesn't work for them in what they read; it's all welcome, and all up for discussion.

- This is a discussion comm, NOT a recs comm or a snark comm. Don't say that you loved a story and that we should all go read it; tell us why you enjoyed a story, specifically, what made it work for you and if there was anything about it that didn't. Don't choose a story to discuss that doesn't merit discussion--no badfic, please. Choose stories that you or others feel are well written, and tell us about anything that did work for you as well as anything that didn't.

- Story discussion and critique is interesting and informative; flaming is not. Reasoned, critical discussion is welcome; save bitchy wit, snark and MSTing for other venues. Foaming rants aren't allowed; detailed posts/essays on things like pet peeves, fanon/canon, characterization, etc., including any specific examples from posted stories, are encouraged (without any dramatic eye-rolling or teeth-gnashing, please.)

- The discussion in this comm will be centered on the stories, not the authors, posters or commenters. Be prepared, when posting, for others to disagree and argue points with you. They should; that's the point of the comm. Feelings can run high when discussing stories, so keep the discussion focused ON the stories, and not the personalities. Keep in mind that it's all about opinion, and opinions on any one story will vary widely.

- Critical discussion here is all about impressions and preferences and isn't intended as an attack on any story or author, so no 'defense' of any story or author is needed. To keep discussion uninhibited, authors are asked not to join in discussion of their own stories. Friends of authors are also asked not to jump to the author's or story's 'defense' or attempt to speak for the author. Discussion should center on readers' views of the story as presented, not on authorial intent. Let the story speak for itself, here; write the author directly for her viewpoint or to give feedback.

- All posts and comments are the opinions of the posters and commenters, only. An opinion that appears to be stated as an absolute is still an opinion and should be taken as such. "I think," "IMO" (humble or otherwise) and other qualifiers are not needed. Comments reprimanding others for not using 'correct' language in stating their opinions will not be allowed. Tactful, respectful discussion is key, but people do express themselves in different ways. If someone comes across as opinionated, they may well be; that's okay, here. Focus discussion on the ideas expressed and not HOW they're expressed.

- Please don't submit your own stories for discussion or request critique or feedback of your stories from the comm. If you'd like to see your completed, publicly-posted story discussed, ask a friend to post an opening critique/review. Requests for beta help are allowed, but don't post or link to the story you'd like help with on the comm.

- No story posting, announcements, comm ads or off-topic discussion, please. Discussion of the episodes as they relate to writing and particular stories is allowed.

Have fun! It's all about the fun.
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