Date: 2007-04-09 01:42 pm (UTC)
trobadora: (SGA Genderfuck by liviapenn)
From: [personal profile] trobadora
Pulling this out of my earlier comments:

ASB clearly invokes the literal meaning of WNG - two straight guys wind up in a relationship with each other - and turns it on its head by the way they wind up together, not in spite of their bodies but because of them. I read the story as a fusion of the fuckbuddies and WNG trope - the "against our normal orientation" part of WNG with the "coming together through sex" part of the fuckbuddies trope. But I don't think the shared experience is all there is; it highlights and changes the existing relationship between and makes it sexual, yes, but their messed-upness isn't their main point of connection to me.

The way I read it, neither of them desired the other specifically at the start - they start out as fuckbuddies because of their fucked-up situation. And during the story their sexual identity goes through the wringer, is twisted and turned around, but not their orientation, if that makes sense. The way I read it it was about transferring what they learned about sexual identity to sexual orientation - they're learning to transcend their orientation because they've learned that their own identity is fluid.

Maybe I'm misreading this due to my OTP goggles, but the way I read it was neither that they are together because no one else is like them, nor that they discovered love; it's that they did love each other, but platonically, and that their experiences have messed with their identities to the point where sexual orientation becomes fluid as well.

[ profile] thingswithwings suggests that the reason he couldn't enjoy it was that he tried to replicate the penetration and enjoyment of his *female* body

Yes, that is how I read it - as John trying to replicate the sensations of a female body with his male body, which (naturally) was doomed to failure.
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