Date: 2006-03-13 10:39 pm (UTC)
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*g* glad you came over to play!!! And I found your initial comment intriguing and convincing enough to bring it up, to suggest that this indeed is a potential reading, if dlightly against the grain (but then that'swhat we slashers havelearned to do, haven't we? :-) And coming from cop shows, partner clearly has that double resonance...and that's really the central thing, isn't it? That there was a deep bond, whether they fucked or not. It's the friendship and trust placed in him, the community that is what John to the greatest (and the other Atlaneans to a lesser degree) respresent. I don't think the story loses if read gen.

Glad youmycanon and mytext...when i heard the word mynon for the first time i cringed at the word and loved the concept (it's up there with spander for fannish terms i wish had never been created :-) But really, we do all have our own iddiosyncratic readings, which is why you and i may agree on 99% of the stories,find the same great or poor...and then comes one i hate and youlove and vice versa...

It's all about the three-point-chracterization, and even if we share the same three, they may still tilt slightly differently or the fourth supportive one may be different...but the very definition of an interpretive community is that we do share readings and as a cause and result of that texts...right?
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