Apr. 23rd, 2010

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That's the name of the new and improved Cuttingboard comm--The Comfy Chair. Like it? We do, and "we" now includes Kanata (yay!), who will be available to ably serve your late-night mod needs, along with Nora, while Pouncer and I will mostly be on tap during the day. I would like to open the comm the morning of the 26th, the first day of the DW 3-week content fest, if my health cooperates over the weekend and allows me to prepare.

I'll be putting up the first story discussion post, as an example and a starter, but I haven't chosen my story, yet. I'm still mostly focused on SGA, and there are certainly a lot of stories I've enjoyed and might get into talking about, but I'm also interested in what stories YOU might like to talk about. I'm going to take a look on Delicious for often-linked stories that ping me, but I'd also like to hear from flisters (and others, if they're reading) about what stories might inspire you to join the discussion, what stories have pleased or moved or surprised you or made you think. Ideas? (Links would be very helpful, too, if you have them.) Don't be shy! Tell me what you like. ;)


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