Apr. 12th, 2010

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Hello, anyone who's still watching the comm! I've developed some ideas (finally) for what I want to do with the comm, and I'm putting them out there for input/discussion, if anyone has any ideas they want to contribute for consideration.

I've been pretty vocal, in my own journal, about my dislike of LJ and my desire to move elsewhere (both my personal journal and this comm.) I tried a couple of other platforms, but those have either failed or not really taken off, fannishly. Dreamwidth, though, looks like my idea of a happy journal home--plenty of fen have taken up residence there, the policies of the journal owners are ones I'm comfortable with, and it's been a happy place to be, fannishly aware and oriented with lots of cool upgrades (like the much longer posting limit) and more goodies to come. They're coming up on a year of service, sometime, here, and some users have organized a sort of fest to promote content that will be exclusive to DW for three weeks (beginning around Apr 26? or something.) I thought this would be a good time to make a move to DW with the comm, as I'm working on moving there with my personal journal. I'm still interested in promoting discussion amongst fanfic readers, just not on LJ. This seems like the perfect solution, and the perfect time to implement it.

I know, though, that not everyone wants to be on DW, or even have their comments on LJ journals/communities moved to DW, so I don't have any plans to move this incarnation of the comm to DW; instead, I'll close it to posting and leave it up as an archive of the discussions that have taken place, here. The new comm on DW will be run with the same mission but possibly with a new name and definitely with expanded fic parameters--I'm going to open it to all SG-verse stories based on all three SG-verse shows, including crossovers and fusions with other shows. Then, as we go on, I'll open it to other fandoms, probably by popular member vote. I'll also have the help of my previous aide, Pouncer, and a new volunteer, Noracharles, who will be acting as co-mods, but the responsibility for the comm--concept to implementation--will still rest entirely with me, so address any complaints/harassment/wank to me and only me, please. (You're encouraged to love on and appreciate Pouncer and Nora as you feel moved to, however.)

Input? Ideas? Suggestions? I'm open to listening to anything anyone wants to contribute, though I'll reiterate that the core mission and rules of the comm WILL remain the same. New comm name submissions will be entertained, too; I was thinking something along the lines of The Bookshelf, something that might be less frightening to potential new comm members, since the name became an issue in the past. I hope to have the comm built and the first post up near the end of the month; I will post a notice, here, when that happens, but I won't be mirroring content.

Fic discussion was and is a beautiful thing; I hope you decide to join us!


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