Mar. 23rd, 2006

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In my comment to [ profile] summerfling in response to her comm post on popularity vs. quality, I mentioned that I might open up a thread for recommendations of potentially overlooked stories as a way to further the cause of wider readership for stories by newer writers, since some felt that that was an issue. Normally, we focus on discussion, here, rather than recs (there are plenty of good recs journals, already), but in this case, I'll make an exception.

Do you feel there are hidden gems to be mined, possibly by newer or lesser-known writers, that deserve to be read and enjoyed more widely? You're welcome to rec those stories here, in this thread. Be aware, though, (here's the tricky part) that a writer who's new to you may be someone else's long-time favorite, and a story you haven't seen recced anywhere may be much loved and talked about in other circles. Let's think of these author and story recs as 'new to me' or 'unknown to me'--and please don't be offended if you or your story are referred to as new or unsung, here. It really is hard to know who's seen what, anymore, SGA fandom having become so large, and if someone wants to be sure your story is seen by as many people as possible, that's a nice, thing, yes?

Please provide a link to any story you rec that will take readers to a page that lists story info, warnings, spoilers, etc., or provide that sort of info in your rec blurb. And tell us why you think this story deserves a spot in the 'top tier'--these are gems we're looking for, stories that you think rival those you've seen most recced and discussed in terms of, well, whatever it is about a story that makes you consider it one of the best. And do feel free to drop a rec into this thread at any time, indefinitely. There can never be too many good recs, only too little time.

ETA: If you have or know of a recs page that you feel covers more ground than the average, do feel free to mention that, too. And a shout-out to [ profile] ship_recs for pointing out things I otherwise wouldn't have seen/tried and providing helpful teaser-tastes of stories. Also, [ profile] sga_newsletter--no recs, but links to all the new stuff I might otherwise never hear about.


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