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Name:The Comfy Chair
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fan fiction discussion community
The Comfy Chair is a discussion community for (currently) Stargate-verse fanfic (including fusions and crossovers); additional fandoms will be added according to member interest. Membership is open, only members may post, and posting access will be given after joining. The maintainers reserve the right to remove posting access from any member who doesn't abide by the guidelines listed HERE; it is important that you do read the guidelines before joining.


Please use this format when posting a story review or discussion opener:

Title of story, by author (in subject line)
Link to story (to page with author's header/warnings, or include those in the summary)
Summary or introductory statement, if desired.
Cut-tag to discussion

Follow this format for essay posts:

Subject of essay, by author (in subject line)
Summary or introductory statement
Cut-tag to essay

Please DO NOT link to essays/discussions in private journals; reproduce them here so that discussion stays in the community.
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